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Monday, December 7, 2009


image courtesy of island review

After much consideration, we have decided to change our entire blog. Please visit the New Looking in Blogging via Modern Day Floral :) Make sure you save our new site to your favorites!!! We hope you enjoy!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Interior Design and Event/Floral Design Parallel

The parallel between event/floral design and interior design is so strong and absolutely undeniable. You can't flip through any interior design or architectural magazine without seeing some floral element, whether it is used to compliment the overall design or what has inspired the design. You also can't attend an event or wedding that isn't somehow themed around a key period in design history.


Saarinen's Tulip Chairs
image courtesy of Knoll

Over the next several months, we will be featuring these parallels... which will hopefully in turn, help you find your style and encourage ideas on how to implement that style throughout the details of your event!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grand Rapids Wedding Affair 2009

A few weeks ago we posted about a few fabulous headpieces that were designed by our floral design artists... Today, we're showing those of you would couldn't make it out the the Grand Rapids Bridal Show at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, our booth!

As partners in A Modern Event (Harrison Studios, In Any Event, Sweet Cakes Design, Special Events Rental and Modern Day Floral), we decided we would take our business venture and create something unique and exciting at the show! Enjoy the images below!!





Me, Rueben, Lauren and Karen carrying couture bouquets showing off a few different styles!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Employee Spotlight: Erin

Hello! I'm Erin, Jenn's assistant :)

image courtesy of Harrison Studio

I have been with Modern Day Floral since May of 2008, though sometimes I feel like it has been years :) I'm fortunate enough to work with some of the most incredible and talented men and women in the industry along with the best clients anyone could ask for :) Thanks to everyone for helping me LOVE my job!!!

(yes - that is me in the background making sure the tiniest detail was 100% perfect...)
Image courtesy of Lizzie Photo

This past May, I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design right here in downtown Grand Rapids with a BFA in Interior Design. Since there are SO many parallels between interior design and event/floral design, I find myself using my education on a daily basis. Once in awhile, I get to dabble in AutoCad or draw perspectives for presentations and clients!


Just some randomness about me...

- I am engaged (as of September) to my best friend, Joe :) We will be getting married next August and can't wait to start our lives together!
- I am completely obsessed with Thursday night television :) It is such a great way to kick off Friday!
- If I could live off crab rangoon, chocolate chip bagels and popcorn I totally would :)
- My favorite vacation spot is Maui with Rome closely following...
- I am IN LOVE with the Twilight series... more about Team Edward, but can't help feeling some love for Jacob...

image courtesy of Harrison Studio

So that is me in a nutshell :)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Art Prize: Room 1

As mentioned in my earlier post, the closing gala was one of the most incredible events we have had the honor to design. Jodi Bos of In Any Event along with the team from Special Events Rental did an amazing job transforming a not so glamorous site into something spectacular. Also, thanks to Jen Kroll,we have these gorgeous pictures to share with all of you!

The venue was split into three very distinct sections and styles: organic/botanical, modern and swanky couture. In an effort to share all the lovely details (and prevent a mile long post!), I decided to split this event into three blog posts.

First up - Organic/Botanical!!!

<span class=
Focal Design

This 8ft. ginormous botanical design greeted guests as they entered the party. Affectionately known as the "little shop of horrors," this design featured an unusual blend of pin cushion protea, green goddess calla lilies, orange banksia, wildcat oncidium orchids, succulence and a mixture of tropical foliage.

Cocktail Table Design

Orchids come in many different varieties and one particular species that thrills me every time is the lady slipper. This little beauty takes center stage with it's beautiful lines and unique characteristics...amazing right?!

<span class=
Bar Design

The bar design was a culmination of all of the floral elements used in the room. I loved how the flowers accentuated the colors of the room.

Next up room #2 - Modern! I can't wait to share with all of's one of my favorites! Until then have a wonderful day!!!



Monday, November 23, 2009

Wedding Recap: Lorri and Alex

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Lorri and Alex, our fabulous couple from Colorado! On Halloween, these two celebrated their love with family and friends at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

The fabulous Amy Carroll shared some great shots of Lorri and Alex, the wedding party and of course the flowers! We hope you enjoy what you see because we had an amazing time working with these clients!


Lorri loved texture and color, by using bright pin cushions, we were able to add A LOT of zest to this bouquet!


His socks matched her bouquet!!!!!


It was super chilly on Halloween... this shot of the Uggs - priceless :) I even heard the boots made a debut on the dance floor!!! I love it!


I get chills just looking at these bouquet shots...



Unique chair treatments are so in right now! Lorri was ALL about the details - and we LOVED it! She requested that everyone at the head table get something special on their chairs :) It really added so much to the overall look!

Congratulations Lorri and Alex and thank you SO much for allowing us to be apart of such a special day in both of your lives! It was truly a pleasure working with you... and if you need anything for your baby shower ;) ;) we hope to help!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Art Prize Opening Ceremony

In Western Michigan, we are fortunate enough to live in a city that is rich in art and culture. We are also blessed to have many families who give back through their philanthropist efforts. Back in April, Rick DeVos announced that in the Fall of 2009, Grand Rapids would be home to the largest art prize competition. His ArtPrize would be awarding $250,000 to the first prize winner! Anyone and everyone was encouraged to enter and the end result was spectacular.

On September 23rd, the two week festivities kicked off with the help of the extraordinary Jodi Bos of In Any Event. We were asked to design a fresh, clean look to bring the colors of slate and saffron colors to life; craspedia, pin cushion protea and locally grown celosia were used as our primary design elements.

<span class=

The crinkled taffeta linens coupled with the ghost chairs looked spectacular.
Great work Jod!

<span class=

I absolutely love these crisp white containers! They're perfect for super mod jumping designs!!

<span class=

This little eclectic beauty was designed by Rueben whose unique style added the perfect flair to the registration tables. And how much do you love this container?!

<span class=

The VIP opening reception was one of many events we were fortunate enough to design during the ArtPrize festivities. I look forward to sharing more!

I would also like to send a special thank you to the DeVos family for continuing to give back to our community and for making Grand Rapids such an amazing place to live! I'm so proud to be a Grand Rapidian!

All images courtesy of Jen Kroll Photography