Thursday, October 15, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Karen

It is about time to introduce another fabulous member of the Modern Day Floral design team!! Karen has been working with us for two years now and brings a calm, creative flavor to the table. I knew when I met Karen that she would bring great ideas and crafty tips... someone we definitely needed in our growth. Without further ado...

Hi. I'm Karen. I have been working with Modern Day Floral for two years now and have been designing flowers since high school. Since I don't want to date myself, we'll just leave it at that!! In the past several years, I've made more bouquets, corsages, gift baskets, ect than I could ever begin to describe. And I loved every second of it!


In my spare time I like to sew, bake, make salsa and beautify my house! Everyone teases me about being a "Martha Stewart." Over the last few months, I've been going through the process of adopting a baby. Being a mom has been something I've wanted for a very long time and I'm hoping everything works out! It will be quite a full house though :) We have a dog, four cats, a step child, a nephew who lives with us part time, frogs and a snake (boys will be boys!). Can't wait to have a new addition of our household!!

image courtesy of Jen Kroll Photography

My favorite part of floral design is making the bouquets. Mostly because they are one of the most important and remembered parts of a wedding... I always feel a level of joy and satisfaction when I get to pass off the bridal bouquet. I really love what we do! Not to mention to fabulous product we get to work with!



botanical brouhaha said...

Love the picture of Karen passing off the bouquet to the bride! That look on the bride's face is the reason I love doing weddings. Beautiful work, Karen!