Saturday, February 7, 2009

Winning Combination

Welcome All! I am Jenn...

My longtime dream became reality with the opening of Modern Day Floral. Everyday I'm fortunate enough to work with one of the most beautiful mediums in the world, fresh flowers. I absolutely love what I do and thanks to my brides, vendors, retail customers and special event clients I get to live out my dream daily. I would also like to personally thank my incredible staff for all their hard work and passion. They inspire me daily! Enjoy the blog, visit often and remember we love "warm fuzzies!"


What do you get when you bring a group of passionate and talented people together? Modern Day Floral! These fascinating women amaze me everyday with their commitment and love for this business. I think what truly makes our group so special is the diverse backgrounds we come from, from interior to clothing designer, retailer, hair stylist and experienced floral, what a group!

Emily is one of my lead designers who brings the energy to the group. She has been with me from the beginning and is responsible for the "look" that has become Modern Day! The talent, commitment and positive attitude she brings to work is invaluable. The cup is always 1/2 full... She is my AI in AIFD!

Karen is another one of my lead designers whose calm nature, experience and romantic style bring a complimentary element to MDF. She is the most amazing Christmas tree decorator and is affectionately known as Miss Christmas. :)

Erin brings with her a degree in interior design from Kendall College and an incredibly passionate type A personality. She is my checks and balances girl with a quest for knowledge. Renderings boards are definitely her specialty...This girl is going places!

Jillian, little bird, is our comic relief ...under her hilarious facial expressions and one liners she brings a degree in fashion from Michigan State University. I'm thankful she's chosen Modern Day over Ralph Lauren. Although if New York calls tomorrow I would pack her bags! Life is about seizing the moment. :) Just kidding Jodi!

Marilyn brings life experience and years of working in retail for the downtown Holland Chicos. She could sell snow to an Eskimo and makes sure that Modern Day lives up to it's reputation everyday. The real test of this woman's talent lies in her amazing daughters who love her dearly. In my opinion that's the real test of a woman.

Laurel is our ray of sunshine, she's our licensed cosmetologist with a raw design talent. I have never met someone who loves to take phone orders more than her. Life is good and no job is beneath her. She is such a sweetheart and a very intelligent young woman.

Charlie and Jonathan (not shown) are the boys of the group (poor souls)! The mere fact that they tolerate all of us for more than 5 minutes is a miracle. Estrogen flows in buckets at MDF but believe it not we're all a loving family!

What I have learned is that you can't train people to have passion, it lies deep within each of us. We must learn to unlock what gets us up in the morning and gives us life. These amazingly talented individuals were a gift and have become the heart of Modern Day Floral. Our goal collectively is to create an experience that is positive and simply beautiful, through a shared passion called floral artistry.


Aletha | Pearls Events said...

This is a great post, Jenn! Thanks for introducing the MDF team to your readers. said...

It is so great to get to know the "behind the scene" ladies. We already knew you had a talented team, now we also know they are fun and a joy to work with, too!

David said...

Beautiful website, and I can really feel the passion. I learnt about your staff, but very little about you. Would be nice to your bio Ms. Jenn.
Also your flowers are beuatiful. Congratulations.