Friday, September 19, 2008

Going Green

When Sarah came into the studio I knew her wedding was going to be unbelievably cool!  Not only was her vision beautifully simple but eco friendly.  We were given over 30 sexy green recycled wine bottles in varying sizes and shapes.  The bottles contained floral in shades of green and white along with  4x4 cubes containing wheat grass which completed her overall "green" look.

The bouquets were simply green Peruvian hydrangea (my personal favorite) finished with black and white polka dot ribbon...too cute! I'm not sure what I loved more the bridesmaids fabulous chartreuse shoes or the adorable little flower girl.  Don't you just love the photo of the little peanut and her bucket of petals.  :)   As usual John of  Coastline Studios beautifully captured the essence of this wedding.  Way to go John!  

Brides remember you are an original so make your day as unique as you are!  Although simple this wedding made a bold statement because it was "so the bride." 

Happy planning!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

SKYY Premiere at the BOB

From weddings to vodka premieres...who knew! Just one day after the incredible Payne wedding we were hired to transform the Crush into an exotic floral explosion for the new SKYY fusion vodka event. We had such a great time interpreting their new premiere flavors of raspberry, grape, cherry, citrus and passion fruit through cutting edge floral designs. Fresh floral materials were shipped in from all over the world including several varieties of heliconia, protea, orchids, and amazing hanging amaranthus in deep rich raspberry, yellow and green. Each design represented the different flavors and we incorporated loads of wonderful fresh fruit and bottles of vodka. Although exhausted from the wedding we found motivation in sneaking bites from all the fantastic fruit, pizza, donuts, cookies provided by Tony the promotional manager at the BOB. He is a master at motivating people! :)

Hope you enjoy this post as much as we enjoyed designing this event.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long distant bride

Planning a wedding is challenging enough but try doing it while living in Atlanta. In February of 07' Alishan Fields stopped into my boutique regarding her June 08' wedding at the much anticipated JW Marriott. It was evident upon meeting Alishan that her wedding was going to be absolutely remarkable and every detail well thought out. Over the course of a year and half we spent countless hours emailing, conversing and visiting when she was in town.

Alishan's greatest wish was to have gorgeous peony in shades of white, soft pink and deep raspberry. Fortunately for all of us the peony cooperated and we had simply stunning product the week of her wedding. Anytime a bride chooses a product that has a sensitive seasonal availability I spend many sleepless nights praying that the flowers will be absolutely perfect not to mention available.

The linens of ivory chopin and pink champagne worked beautifully with the floral centerpieces and the gold chargers and chivari chairs finished the overall elegant look. Large curly willow trees adorned in crystals, hanging votives and lush floral flanked the head table along with the perimeter of the room which made for a more intimate space. Candlelight was present on all of the guest tables along with a beautiful menu card in shades of chocolate, ivory and raspberry. Hip Pocket provided the entertainment for the evening and guests enjoyed taking fun photos in the photo booth stationed out in the pre-function area.

I have to admit that when Alishan and Michael's big day was over I suffered from what I like to call the "big let down." I'm sure most of you can relate to the feeling of sadness when the event is finally over. Not because it wasn't everything you dreamed of but because it went by so quickly. It takes months and sometimes even years to plan for that perfect day and in just mere hours it's over. Fortunately if you're lucky a friendship is formed that will last over a lifetime.

Thank you Ben and Laura Harrison for your amazing photos and warmest wishes Alishan and Michael as you walk through life together.

Be a guest at your own party...

When it came to planning my daughter Olivia's graduation party one of the most important things to me was the ability to be a guest at my own party. I waited eighteen precious years to see this day and it was important that I savor every moment. As I work with brides and event clients I find this to be one of the most important areas to remember when hiring a professional. There is an incredible amount of time spent planning for an event of this magnitude and hiring the right people can ensure that every detail is perfect and you're relaxed on your BIG day! Although my wonderful husband failed to see the necessity to throw such a swanky affair I teamed up with Jodi Bos with In Any Event to create an OVER THE TOP graduation party.

Olivia had only a few requests; some of her family favorite recipes, marble slab ice cream and a color palette of black, white and tiffany blue. Our linen choices of Tiffany blue lamour, black niko and floral siloutte coupled with the simple floral centerpieces brought Olivia's color palette to life. Don Middlebrook with his "Jimmy Buffett" vibe set the tone and the smell of wood fired pizza greeted guests as they approached the stunning white frame tent. In the tent we created a soft seating area of black and white leather furniture finished with cheeky pillows which created the perfect area to watch DVD's of her life captured in film. Thank goodness for my MAC! Some of Jodi's fabulous ideas included; "Did you know" frames which shared fun tid bits about OJ, recipe cards for Olivia's favorite dishes and an adorable advice/address cardette made out of recycled paper...too CUTE!

Brianna Graham, to whom I feel is a photographic genius surprised us with unbelievable reproductions of Olivia's senior portraits. She took these amazing photos and artistically created boards in varying sizes complete with funky patterns and textures that were absolutely stunning.

I have the best staff at Modern Day and as always Jodi delivered! Hope you enjoy the post.