Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding Recap: Melissa and Marty

It has been one crazy summer and as we find ourselves pulling out our yummy cashmere sweaters and comfy cozies, I can't help but feel blessed for the incredible couples we have had the opportunity to work with this season. Although we love all our clients, there are a few that touch our hearts and become lifelong friends. Melissa Metzger is one such person.

On July 3, 2009 at the San Chez bistro, Melissa and Marty celebrated their union as man and wife. As you already know I have been anxiously awaiting to share the recap of this event and it was definitely worth the wait! Jessica Johnston did an unbelievable job capturing this wedding.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the initial post featuring my assistant Erin's rendering I encourage you to do so...she's amazing!!!

So who doesn't love a bouquet loaded with texture and a touch of sass! The rich raspberry ribbon and stunning brooch gave Melissa's bouquet that extra something special.

Our lovely Miss Melissa holding her bouquet which by the way contains scabiosa pods, mini green hydrangea, green tea roses, mini green cymbidiums, calla lilies, lily grass loops and my personal favorite, the goddess herself, the white phalneaopsis orchid.

I'm so in love with pom balls and this has to be my absolute favorite!

Our one minor challenge with this particular wedding was the ceremony and reception location were same site. We had just a mere 45 minutes to completely flip this room after the ceremony. Here's a peak at the room layout

...and poof just 45 minutes later the reception! This reset came together beautifully and I have to send a high five out to the San Chez staff for all their help. Creative people can be a crazy group to work with and thankfully they smiled and accomidated my every request.

My personal favorite, the sweetheart table. This area was where Melissa and Marty shared their vows just moments earlier. The intimate ceremony setting was created by floating sheer white chiffon fabric draped in white dendrobium and crystal strands. Special Events Rental did another great job draping the fabric.

Karen our in-house seamstress not to mention extraordinary designer made all of the custom runners for this wedding.


Watching event go from concept to completion has to be one of the most rewarding parts of our job as event designers. Each detail, whether great or small makes all the difference in the world. I know I speak for the entire Modern Day staff when I say, "WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!" Thank you Melissa and Marty for being such a pleasure to work with. I can't wait to see you in just two weeks. Vegas here we come baby!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wedding Recap: Jessica and Bert

On June 27th, we were fortunate enough to design for Jessica and Bert! Their ceremony was held at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church and the reception was held at the new facility at Thousand Oaks Golf Club. Everything about their wedding was the epitome of elegant!


Jessica was so fabulous to work with! She is so kind and pleasant... this image perfectly captures Jessica's personality!!!


One of our favorite bridal bouquet shots!!! We looooved the slate gray ribbon for the gorgeous handle wrap!


The silver pintuck napkins were specifically made just for Jessica and Bert's wedding!!



Jessica and Bert came to us with a vision of simple elegance, a fabulous neutral color palette and great taste. A special thanks to Lisa Kae Photography for sharing these fabulous images with us!!!!

all photos courtesy of Lisa Kae Photography

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lauren's Birthday celebration

After hours and hours of designing (with lots more to go!), we took a break to celebrate Lauren's birthday, coming up this Saturday. Since Lauren is working on her birthday (we love you!), we decided to celebrate a few days early... we all needed the chocolate cake sugar buzz too!

from left to right: Lauren, Rueben, Erin, Karen and Emily (I'm taking the picture on my iPhone)

We love our MDF family... however, we're missing a few people in this picture!
Shout out to Charlie, Jonathan, Ernie, Laurel, Marilyn, Ryan, Kayla and Aaron!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kari and David: Featured on Clover and Bee!!

Our lovely June bride, Kari, was featured today on Clover and Bee's wedding blogsite!! We're so excited for Kari and David's wedding story to be shared with so many readers! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!!

photo courtesy of JK Photography

For anyone getting married, Clover and Bee is a FABULOUS blogsite to get great tips and unique ideas... especially in the MidWest!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Going to the Chapel: Tammy and Jordan

Modern Day Floral gets to travel a little bit this weekend! We're providing floral and decor for Tammy and Jordan's wedding this weekend and couldn't be more excited! This dynamic couple has incredible taste and talent... we're already excited to share their wedding with all of you readers and we're still a few days away from the actual wedding date! Get excited everyone... it is going to be fabulous!


Tammy Gath - Art Director
Jordan Myers - Web Designer

Tell us about the very first time you two met!
"Jordan and I met about 7 years ago at Delta College in Saginaw, MI. I thought Jordan was very arrogant and egotistical and Jordan thought I looked like Katie Holmes. It was a complicated relationship from the start. We actually didn’t become friends until a few years later when we re-met at Kendall Collage of Art and Design here in Grand Rapids. We were placed together in a group project and became best friends instantly. The rest is history."

What is your idea of the perfect date?
"Well, we haven't had much time lately, but I think we'd both agree that the perfect date would include a nice dinner following by watching the sun set with a glass of wine on the beach, but we love a good movie in pj's as well."

What is the one thing about your wedding you're the most excited for?
"Being that we're both designers, Jordan and I have put a lot of time into designing all of the details. We wanted to put our personal touch into everything we created so I think we're most excited to see all of our details come together in one day."

Tell about your proposal!
"Our relationship is in some ways summed up in music, in fact Jordan often uses lyrics as a way to express his feelings for me. He popped the question on July 23rd; my birthday. We started the night with dinner reservations here in Grand Rapids. After dinner I thought I was going to get a really long back massage but I had no idea what Jordan had planned. He sat me down on the couch and handed me a card. The card went on to say how happy he was that we had found each other and how much I meant to him. At this point I was still unsuspecting because it was no uncommon for Jordan to write meaningful cards on everyday occasions. However this card was different because there was a guitar pick attached to the left hand side of the card. After reading the card, Jordan took my hand and lead me up the stairs to find our favorite song playing and his guitar mysteriously placed against the wall. Inside were two tickets to a Joshua Radin concert that we had talked about earlier that month. I thought to myself, OK, I already know about these tickets...? At that point I looked at him in confusion and reached for the tickets. As I pulled the tickets off the case, a ring box swung down and opened right in front of me. I was so shocked that I have no recollections of what Jordan said, how he said it, or even how he placed the ring on my finger. The last thing I remember saying was 'did you put this ring on my finger; you have to do it again...'"


We love you guys! Excitement doesn't even begin to describe how we're feeling for Saturday...!!!! Congratulations a little bit early!!!

all images courtesy of the bride and groom!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guest Blogger Sara Valor: Creating the Perfect Wedding

I would like to introduce all of you to the wonderfully talented Sara Valor! She so kindly accepted my offer to be featured as a guest blogger for your reading pleasure! Follow her on twitter! She is a great resource for brides-to-be!

Make a Beautiful and Lasting Impression with Your Wedding Flowers

Nearly every little girl dreams about her wedding day. Some begin planning their perfect wedding while still very young girls, while
others may begin planning their perfect wedding while in their teenage years. Of course, she will include the man of her dreams standing beside her while she is all dressed up in her magnificent wedding gown and him in his tuxedo while all their family and friends stand by wishing them well and offering them wedding gifts that can enhance their lives and household as a newly wed couple.

There are many things a young woman may think to consider while she is wedding planning, no matter how long she may wait until she gets married. However, one of the most significant means of making a beautiful and lasting impression on her wedding day is while considering the type of wedding flowers she will use for her wedding bouquet, reception centerpieces, boutonnieres for the groom and other male members of the wedding party and the wedding flowers that are on display for the wedding ceremony.

image courtesy of Jen Kroll Photography

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Flowers

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers takes a bit of time for some brides, while others instinctively know what flowers they will include in their wedding. Choosing your wedding flowers is just as much a personal decision as picking out your wedding gown. You want them to be beautiful while showing off your own special sense of what beautiful impressions and fashionable tastes as well as your sense of style.

- Consider Your Wedding Budget

One of the biggest factors for choosing the type of wedding flowers you will have on display will depend upon your wedding budget. It is essential that you know your wedding budget before you ever decide to counsel with a professional florist. Depending upon your budget, you may choose to use fresh flowers, which can include just about any seasonal flower and if you are lucky you may even find a florist who can provide you with flowers out of season, although you should expect to pay a bit more for that convenience. Alternately, according to your budget you may also choose to use and display silk flowers, which are becoming quite popular today, considering their ability to hold up under all sort of weather conditions and are easily kept as cherished tokens of your special day, long after that day has past. Whether you choose to use fresh flowers or silk flower arrangements, when you choose a professional florist you can rest assured that they would work with you to create the type of atmosphere that you wish to create for your special day.

- Determining the Atmosphere, you wish to Create with Your Wedding Flowers

Determining the atmosphere you wish to create with your wedding flowers is another personal choice. For instance, some brides may wish to create a simplistic and traditional atmosphere, by using roses or carnations. On the other hand, some brides may wish to create a more sophisticated atmosphere with more modern choice of flowers by using and displaying orchids or even tulips in their wedding floral arrangements. Of course, there are other types of flowers you can choose from to make a beautiful and lasting impression with your wedding flowers; you may want to consult with your florist before making your choice to see what types of innovative ideas they may have to offer you. Therefore, it is a good idea to stay open minded about the types of flowers you wish to use for your wedding.

image courtesy of Lizzie Photo

- Considering Your Wedding Theme Colors

One essential aspect of determining the right type of wedding flowers for your wedding will depend upon the wedding theme colors you choose to use. One great thing about flowers is that you have a rainbow assortment of colors from which you can choose. Keep in mind however, while choosing your wedding flowers, you will want them to compliment and harmonize well with your wedding theme and wedding colors. While working with your florist, you need to let them know about all these choices in order to allow them to create for you the most perfect floral arrangements for your wedding day.

- Floral Arrangement Placement

Before you order your wedding flowers, you will need to know where you plan to place your floral arrangements. For instance, for a church wedding you may wish to have floral arrangements placed in such areas as the front door to the chapel, along the ends of the pews and the alter, you may also wish to consider having flower petals arranged in a specific pattern or strewn along the isle. For the reception area, you may wish to place floral arrangements as centerpieces in such areas as the bride and grooms table, each guest table, wedding flowers on the wedding cake table or you may even choose to include wedding flowers on the wedding cake itself as cake toppers, which is quite charming and very popular today.

image courtesy of JK Photography

- Considering Who in Your Wedding Party will have Wedding Flowers

While considering your wedding flowers, you will need to take an account of how many individuals in your wedding party need flowers. This is essential, since many brides choose to have flowers for the others in the wedding party. These may include, you the bride and your wedding bouquet, you may also wish to have another wedding bouquet set apart especially for the bouquet toss. You will need to consider whether your maid-of-honor, bridesmaids and flower girl will carry their own bouquets. You will also need to consider the boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen as well as flowers for the mother of the bride.

When it comes to making a beautiful and lasting impression on your wedding day, you will seriously want to consider the various issues surrounding the choices of flowers and floral arrangement you will use. However, one thing you can count on is that you can never go wrong while choosing to use a modern day floral!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Event Recap of our sexy Mod Chic wedding at the JW Marriott

I knew when I met our bride, the fabulous Allison, we were in for a good time! She loved bold design and was open to anything. Both Allison and Matt's main concern was that their guests had a fantastic time surrounded by great food, unbelievable entertainment and decor that was modern but not cold.

When designing at the JW, selecting just to the right accent color is key to creating a rock solid look. The carpet is bold but fantastic if paired with the perfect color palette, rich raspberry with black accents and punches of citron and aburgene was a perfectly playful pair for this spectacular venue.

Thanks to Karrn and Ken of Lotus Photographic I have amazing pictures to share. I feel so blessed to work with such talented and gracious photographers. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't have proof of our hard work. Thanks guys!

The personal flowers were distinctly unique and I couldn't help but fall in love with the pocket squares. Our talented lonely male designer Rueben did such a great job on these! I don't know if you can see them but the bridal bouquet actually contained not just one but four rings to represent the "something borrowed, something blue."

We were all in love with Karen's lovely little wreath designs made out of carnations!

Matt and Allison, the amazing couple! How much do you love her dress? It was made out of laser cut lace and looked absolutely stunning on her.

All of the table numbers, escort cards and menus were created by the talented Jill of Events by Icandy. The pattern was a play on their invitations which helped pull the complete look together.

As a surprise to the lovely couple, I had Jill create a custom lampshade to match the couples wedding pattern. These little lovelies were used on the head table.

Hammond/Sevensma Wedding
Just a few more pictures of the head table and details. We have a lot more images to share in the future and I will keep you posted once the gallery has been added to the website. In the meantime enjoy and I hope you have a great Monday!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going to the Chapel: Roxi and Josh

Roxi and Josh are getting married September 19 at St. Anthony with a reception to follow at the Eberhard Center. Let me just say this right now, personal flowers with peacock feathers... love it, love it, love it! This couple has been a blast to work with and everyone at Modern Day Floral is really excited to start designing for this fantastic duo.

<span class=
image courtesy of Kai Heeringa Photography

Roxi is a Graphic Designer
Josh is a Controls Engineer

Tell us about the very first time you two met?
"We met in college, he moved into one of my friend's room that was one of his friends. He thought I liked his friend and I thought he like my friend. Later we found out that we were both wrong and liked each other! We've been together since April of 2004."

What is your idea of the perfect date?
"A surprise date is always fun, something unexpected. I love when I get home from work and Josh tells me we're going out then takes me to a nice dinner, a movie, or even the beach. "

The one thing about your wedding that you are most excited for?
"I am most excited for my dress and the look on Josh's face when he sees me walking down the aisle. I have lost 45 lbs so it's a really big deal to me."

Your proposal story:
"Josh proposed that day of this college graduation. We had a party at our house in Big Rapids with our families. His Dad gave a heartfelt toast that made me cry and then; right in front of everyone; Josh got down on one knee. That made me cry even more!"

Congratulations Roxi and Josh. We are so excited for your big day and also can't wait for you to walk down the aisle. You rock sister!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Erin is Engaged!

Our Erin is engaged! Erin's boyfriend, correction fiance, proposed to her on their 3 year anniversary this past weekend. Erin and Joe decided to take a must-needed vacation to the Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor. Erin and Joe left Friday evening and drove like maniacs because Joe insisted they make it for the sunset. They raced into their room at the inn, took a quick look around and headed down to the beach. After the gorgeous Northern Michigan sunset, Joe started talking about their anniversary, the future...never having any doubts... and looking forward to other special dates for the two of them (Erin had a hard time remembering the exact words because "it was happening, it was really happening!"). Then all of a sudden he was on one knee with the most gorgeous ring!
They spent the rest of the weekend, just the two of them, kayaking, hiking and celebrating their engagement. Congratulation Erin! You are wonderfully talented and a joy to work with. We are all looking forward to the wedding details!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Featured Flower Friday "LISIANTHUS"

Your Must-Know Info...

Colors Available:
White, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Peach, Yellow, Bicolor
Seasons Available: All year round
Lasting Quality: 7 - 14 days

Lisianthus is such a gorgeous flower... it creates soft beauty to everything around it! With its delicate petals and "fluffier" nature, this little bloom hints at romance!

image courtesy of Jen Kroll Photography

image courtesy of Lizze Photo

image courtesy of Ben Harrison Photography

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Orchard Chic Part II

As promised here are some of my favorite detail shots from the reception and cocktail hour from our Orchard Chic wedding. Jodi of In Any Event did a beautiful job creating a flawless event filled with personal touches.

Although I'm extremely resistant to the idea of fall being right around the corner, I have to admit I find comfort in cider, warm dutch apple pie and spiced donuts. I'm convinced that the only reason we stay in Michigan is for our infamous fall season which is absolutely heavenly!

<span class=

The cocktail hour was nestled among beautiful flowering bushes, lush plantings and amazing apple trees. Could you possibly ask for a more picturesque setting?

<span class=

Hand-tied bundles of Maritime roses in julep cups were used to add the perfect touch to the yummy LaTavola linens.

<span class=

I would have to say that one of Jodi's strong suits is definitely her escort "table" designs. I love how she used an antique door to display here picture perfect escort cards. She is the queen of craft, a real Martha Stewart! :)

<span class=

Sterling silver candelabras and candle stick holders were used to compliment the eclectic combination of containers filled with lush flowers.

<span class=

<span class=

The centerpiece containers were a combination of vintage stoneware and tea stained urns. Lush white hydrangea, dark blue veronica, white hypericum berry, jasmine vine and a combination of cool water, virginia and green sahara roses brought this romantic centerpiece to life.

<span class=

Lovely chocolate brown chandelier...I'll take 5!

<span class=

The big joke while designing this event was my constant question of, "are the tables going to be too bare." Thank goodness for Erin, my assistant, she was right! The tables were full, lush and romantic just as I had hoped. Next time Erin, I think you need to bet me Indian dinner or cocktails. I owe you!!

Special thanks to Jen Kroll for allowing us to share these amazing images and for Jodi of In Any Event for entrusting us with this very significant wedding.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding Recap: Orchard Chic

Welcome back everyone and I hope you enjoyed a relaxing holiday weekend. I still can't believe fall is right around the too?

On August 29th we designed flowers for a beautifully romantic orchard chic wedding for the amazing couple Jason and Jenn. Thanks to Jen Kroll I have so many gorgeous pictures to share so I thought I would break it up a little...first up, personal flowers.

I absolutely love this picture of the couple! Don't they look like they're straight out of the 1930's?

The bridal bouquet was a lush romantic combination of cool water roses, picasso calla lilies, white hypericum berry, soft pink lisianthus and veronica, lavendar and finished with a collar of dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus.

These sweet little bouts were a combination of lavendar, white hypericum and dusty miller which complimented the bouquets perfectly not to mention they smelled fabulous!

Coming up on Wednesday the reception flowers featuring the gorgeous details from the talented Jodi Bos of In Any Event.