Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grand Opening Details (PART 3) Fabulous Phals and Feathers

Welcome back and let's get right to it. This post I'm going to share the recipe for a perfectly sassy bouquet and how "NON-FLORAL" centerpieces can still make a BOLD statement.

While designing this look I couldn't help but tap into my wilder side, the side that loves pure decadence and the things that make you feel like a million bucks; "cherries in the snow" lipstick, my favorite OPI color "I'm really not a waitress", the hottest pair of Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin pumps and who doesn't love a yummy Louis Viutton handbag!

The use of feathers and varying jewel tone shades are definitely one the hottest trends right now. In creating the tablescape I thought it would be fun to showcase a non-floral centerpiece. The best part is these cute little feather trees were purchased at HOBBY LOBBY! I love it when I find decor items that are super cute and reasonably priced, leaving more money to purchase these adorable black pumps!!

Seriously is this not the cutest ding dang shoe you've ever seen?!

As with any good food recipe it's important to use only the freshest ingredients, texture and color keep the dish interesting and just the right amount of spice makes the dish dylish! The same holds true in floral design.

So here are all the yummy details from one of the scrumptious bouquets from the Grand Opening.


Preparation time: 1 hour

Preheat oven to "SUPER HOT"

6 stems of gorgeous purple phalaenopsis orchids

7-9 stems of hot pink "princess" rose

one 10 stem bunch of soft pink/green parrott tulips

one 10 stem bunch of "Edge of Night" calla lilies (Swartzwalder Calla(s) work well as a substitution)

1/2 bunch of bear grass-lily grass is another great substitution

one black feather bou cut into pieces (add more for a spicier dish)

wrap the stems in one spool of magenta wire


On a quick side note, if you're wondering how to hold this bouquet it's best to choose one side or the other. I tell brides to use your hip as your guide and chose the side you favor. This way it will look and feel most natural to you.

As one of my favorite Food Network buds would say, "until next time, I bid you good eats!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grand Opening Details (PART 2): Eclectic bouquet

Ok, starting off with the second part of the series on our grand opening event (because there were so many fantastic details, we couldn't possibly squeeze everything into one post) we are going to show off the BOUQUET DETAILS!!!

Bridal bouquets are so important in creating the finished look for a bride, so naturally we included them as a special feature in the evening. Through "informal" modeling, we were able to highlight the bouquets in action! My lovely daughter Laurel put on her wedding dress (who says you only get to wear your wedding dress once!) and lovingly carried this OUTSTANDING eclectic European hand-tied bouquet!

MATERIALS: Green "Obake" Anthurium, white Anemone, kiwi vine, hollia, fresh green lotus pods, parrott tulips, lisianthus and white ranunculus

MMMmmmm... the mixture of textures in this bouquet is incredible and reminds me why I absolutely love being a floral designer!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Grand Opening Details (PART I): "Asian Mod Meets Botanical Chic"

Let me first start by saying we have so much to be thankful for! Last week Thursday we officially celebrated A Modern Event with our grand opening, which was a smashing success! There were over 300 people in attendance from venues, industry professionals, current clients, and potential new ones!

While revamping the boutique I have had several people ask what is A Modern Event and is Modern Day Floral still Modern Day Floral? The answer is YES! My goal was to keep the services we already provide while expanding in the area of special events. We design a large number of events each year and take great joy in the event design aspect of our business. I also believe that education is key in making life easier for our clients...hence the birth of A Modern Event. To read more about this exciting new venture check out our blogsite.

Now on to the good stuff, the details!
The first table scape was created based on the design concept of "Asian Mod meets Botanical Chic". The color palette of green, white and pewter with pops of yellow and black were chosen with texture being an important element in pulling this look together. Breakaway designs were created using some of my absolute favorite fresh material; Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium Orchids, hanging Amaranthus, Anthirium, Tulips and Hollia make this centerpiece design simple yet full of impact.

Suspended above the table is a 14 ft. cherry blossom branch adorned in reindeer moss and wrought iron candle holders. The obscure nature of the branch brings the Asian element and nothing creates the "WOW" factor like a ginormous tree.
(although my delivery guy hates me!)

Thanks to Jodi of In Any Event (and collaborative partner of A Modern Event) ...the scrumptious details worked beautifully with the table! The white porcelain tray with small river rock and reindeer moss worked perfectly for the place cards. Artificial succulence made fantastic name card holders...loved it! It's amazing what an afternoon trip to Pier One will get you! I'm always surprised at how a mere linen or container can set the creative juices on fire. This was such a fun and great look to concept out!

Tomorrow I will be sharing the bouquet details with you! My hope is that you will be inspired by texture and embrace the idea of using unique materials. Until then have a fantastic day and I look forward to sharing all week.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reason to Celebrate

Nothing starts a Monday morning better than the sight of sweets and champagne...mimosa anyone?

As I attempt to blog all the flower details from the grand opening celebration of A Modern Event, I thought it would be fun if we created our very own tiny morsels in a week long series.  Hey, just look at this way it's less fattening but just as filling!   :)  

For now have a fabulous Monday morning and check back this afternoon for our first post "Asian Mod meets Botanical Sheek."

Cheers everyone!

...if you're feeling the need for some sweets give Barb a call and be sure to order her red velvet yummies!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Grand Opening Celebration

Special thanks goes out to Dusty Brown for capturing the entire night for us!  Be sure to check out the pics and grand opening details on A Modern Event blog post.

As I prepare to write this blog I feel horrible for taking so long to post.  I arrived home from sunny Florida Saturday and unfortunately I brought home a little more than a tan...I brought home a cold!   Since stepping off the plane I have been working long, hard hours but as always so WORTH IT!   

Last night we hosted our grand opening celebration of A Modern Event.  It was incredible to see this vision finally come to fruition and thanks to the 300+ guests who made time to share in our excitement and show their support.  I also owe a huge thank you to the founding members; Jodi, Ben and Laura, and Barb along with my amazing staff who kicked butt in typical Modern Day fashion.  I couldn't think of a better group of individuals to work with.

I'm off to bed for now...the Nyquil has officially begun working.  :)  Enjoy the post courtesy of Ben and Laura and I look forward to posting all the yummy flower details when I'm feeling a little better.   Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exciting Give Away

Last week while on vacation I couldn't resist stopping by my favorite bookstore, Barnes and Noble. In typical fashion I quickly made my way back to the magazine rack where the wedding publications practically scream my name.   I'm so excited because this time I hit the jackpot!  I picked up several magazines that are not carried in our local store,  my personal favorite of the bunch is Weddings Unveiled.  The magazine is absolutely gorgeous and contains the perfect balance between wedding decor, floral, fashion and latest trends.   As an added bonus the magazine also has a  blog that I have added to my daily reads.  I absolutely love the real wedding features and the amazing fashion tidbits!  

In the spirit of giving I thought it would great to give away a one year subscription to this beautiful magazine which comes out four times a year.  Just post a comment about what you would like to read more about here at Petal Talk.  I will select a winner on Friday.  Have a great Monday and I look forward to hearing from you! the way, what do you think about "Petal Talk" for our blog name?  I would love any suggestions so feel free to share your thoughts.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great Find: Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Online!

This past week I enjoyed a fantastic week away with my husband but old habits are hard to break. Two things I couldn't possibly leave behind, my computer and nightly blog reads. Tonight while enjoying my favorite blogs, Sasha Souza of Sparkliatti, posted some very exciting news. It seems that Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine now has a digital edition on-line. This is such wonderful news and thanks Sasha for the great find!

Just one more day of sun and fun then it's back to me crazy but I'm actually looking forward to it. We have a huge week planned and if you haven't sent in your RSVP to the grand opening celebration on April 23 for A Modern Event we would love to see you!

Have a fantastic Friday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More from sunny Florida

So another day of gorgeous weather and I spent the better part of it working hard at fixing my "not so pretty" tan lines...note to self, do not use spray sunscreen on a windy day!  

On a much brighter note I thought I would share the pictures I took this afternoon of this  gorgeous Hibiscus in bloom.  They are absolutely amazing and the best part, they grow right outside our condo.  I'm hoping to wear one of these beauties in my hair to dinner later this week.  

Fortunately for all you aspiring gardeners Hardy Hibiscus is a flower that can be grown in Michigan and blooms in late June early July.  I'm so excited to try my hand at growing these lovelies this year!  I often tell people I'm a florist by art and not by growing.  I fell in love with the idea of taking something already perfect and showcasing its beauty in a different way.  I guess you could say that a floral designer creates the framework which holds an already picture perfect painting.  My only hope is that this year I can design floral arrangements with some of the flowers that I have worked hard at nurturing and cultivated from the earth.

Tomorrow I'll be sure to bring my camera along.  There is a fabulous flower shop in downtown Naples and if I'm lucky Mr. Wonderful will humor me with a visit! 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tropical Inspiration

As day one of our vacation comes to a close I couldn't help but feel guilty that it's taken so long to take time away with my husband.  It was so wonderful just sitting on the beach listening to the waves while enjoying the occasional cat nap and then off to dinner to my favorite restaurant Roy's.  If you've never eaten at Roy's, it's definitely a MUST and make sure you order the butter fish!  Unfortunately the closest one to us is Chicago but who doesn't love a quick trip to chi-town!   

Driving home from the beach today I couldn't help but notice all the incredible flowers and rich foliage that grow so abundantly here.  I'm always amazed when I see Bird of Paradise growing in the front yard of someones home or business.  I absolutely love tropical flowers.   Their colors are so incredibly vibrant, its appearance often unusual and intriguing and most importantly I admire their amazing strength.  Typically tropical flowers travel all the way from Hawaii and Thailand, shipped in a box, where they make a quick stop at customs and arrive on our doorstep just two days later...AMAZING I KNOW!  

As wedding season quickly approaches I thought it only fitting to showcase one of our bouquets which featured my all time favorite tropical flower,  the Pincushion Protea.  I absolutely love the texture and unexpected element it brings to the bouquet. Although tropicals are not for everyone I would encourage you to dare to be different.  

Well, it's time for me to kick Dave's butt in cards and then off to bed...big day tomorrow!  :)   Have a wonderful Tuesday and I look forward to continuing tropical inspiration on Wednesday.  

Friday, April 10, 2009

Corona and Sunshine baby!

So I absolutely hate when people rub it in when they go on vacation so let me apologize right now for pouring salt in an open wound.   This momma is off to the beach, with my new iPhone in hand, plenty of wedding magazines and Mr. Wonderful,  we're heading to Naples, Florida.  This vacation is definitely long overdue!  While I'm gone I promise to do my best to blog, facebook and tweet.  I will also refrain from the typical "how's the weather" question that just infuriates the pour peeps stuck in yucky, cold least the sun shines occasionally! :)

I look forward to clearing my head and having time to create new aspiring floral designs.  I'm hoping to find blog inspiration and if you have any ideas on great reads I would love the suggestions.   It's like they say,  if you don't take good care of yourself how can you take care of others.

Have an incredible Easter everyone, enjoy time with family and I'll be in touch!

photo credit goes to Mr. Wonderful!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Most Gorgeous Ring Bearer Pillow on Earth...





Do you ever stumble upon something that is so scrumptious that you feel like you just hit the jackpot? Well, when I found Anna Whitford's Wedding Ring Pillows the first thing that came to my mind was, "How the HECK did I not hear about these before!?!"

Seriously guys, these are beyond beautiful. Anna is a designer from the UK and creates each delectable pillow completely BY HAND. I'm gonna just take a wild guess on this, but judging from the picture-perfect end result, I am quite positive Anna puts an extreme amount of care into each creation she makes. 

During my email communication with Anna she shared what inspired her to create these beauties.  She originally started by creating hand sculpted, floral accessories in 2005, and in early 2008 Anna was asked to design a wedding ring pillow in her signature floral style....and as they say, "the rest is history."  

When ordering the pillows most clients email Anna with a chosen flower style and color, she simply forwards a paypal invoice and begins the process of creating a one of a kind masterpiece.  The pillows take on average 7 business days to create once payment is received along with a 7-10 day delivery time.  Each pillow is 8x8 feather filled, silk dupion base with a flower made of either soft faux suede, metallic leather or suede/felt underlay petals.

I couldn't agree with Anna more when she says, "They are truly works of floral ART!" Well put, sister!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Find Your Wedding Style! Take the Quiz!!!

{Photo: Courtesy of Cherie Foto Blog}

Every time I meet with a new bride, like clockwork, my very first intention is to find her style. Some brides know every detail ... they want "this linen" with "that centerpiece", and "this color flower" with "that candle collection". However, more often than not, I hear "I really don't know what I like!"

Ladies, if you've ever felt this way are not alone, TRUST me! And it is for this very reason that I absolutely love (I mean, LOVE) Susie Coelho's book "Style Your Dream Wedding". In fact, it's probably one of my top 5 favorite wedding books of all time. This book not only gets you pointed in the right direction stylistically, but on the path to achieving a well-connected, overall look for your big day, from all the major decor aspects a to z!

{Photos: Courtesy of Perfect Bound Blog}

Now, I know what you are wondering, and the answer is NO ...the book doesn't just leave you on your own to figure out your style by simply browsing through the photos (which are amazing, by the way, I could stare at them for hours!) Susie has actually supplied the quick help you need by including a fantastic quiz you can take that boosts you right up into a specific style category. Nice, right? But the best part is that after playing around online, I have come to find out that this quiz is actually posted online! I am geeked! Seriously, now you are just a click away from wedding style clarity!

{Photo: Courtesy of Susie Coelho}

I want brides and anyone in the field of weddings to take this quiz, it only takes a couple minutes and it's sheer genius! Really. It is so helpful, not to mention fun! Also, if you have an extra couple minutes, take a browse on site to see the inside of the book ...absolute loveliness.

So what is YOUR dream wedding style?!!!!! Take the quiz here!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


The Daisy...

{Photo: Courtesy of Photographic Impressions}

Symbolism of the Daisy...
The daisy represents INNOCENCE, MODESTY, STABILITY, and CHEERFULNESS. I don't know how on earth a flower that comes in so many bright colors is considered modest, but hey, whatever they say ...we're gonna roll with it.

Color Variety...
Daisies come in literally DOZENS of colors (one of their best attributes!) You are most likely to see white, pink, red, yellow, and purple. I seriously love stocking our cooler up with gerbs because of the bright, GORGEOUS colors they add in my studio!

{Photo: Courtesy of KGCPhoto} {Photo: Courtesy of Cache Gifts}

Fun Fact...
OK, hold onto your seats because we actually got TWO fun facts for you this month! (Come on, admit it, you secretly love knowing random, useless information like this!)

1. Gerbera daisies actually are from South Africa orginally. That is quite a hike. Thank you kindly for somehow making your way all the way over here!

2. The word "daisy" comes from the phrase "day's eye". Daisies actually tend to open up more as the sun rises, and then when the sun sets, they close up more and stay that way during the night (much like our eyes do, you catching on now?) So I guess you can say as we drift off to dream land, so do they.

So there you go, you learn something new everyday!

Happy Birthday April babies!
(PS. Your alternate birth flower is the SWEET PEA! They are called that because of their sweet fragrance! Mmmmm, lovely!)


I am thrilled, THRILLED, to say after tireless hours of working and SLAVING over this new website, it is finally complete! I am literally jumping around with excitement right now!

I just want to point out a few great features....

First of all, the galleries are bigger and better than ever before! We hope you feel invited to browse for a long while (I don't know about you, but there is nothing I love better than going on a site that provides plenty of eye candy!) When it comes to spending hours on website galleries - I am guilty as charged! We have TEN jam packed galleries full of loveliness, so sit back, relax, and browse a while!

Our new, special "wedding-to-go" packages are extremely budget-friendly and I am very happy to offer this to our fabulous brides. Every girl deserves beautiful, fresh blooms for her "big day" so be sure to check it out the details, we've included all the info on the site!

The last thing is a wonderful highlight on our staff. In order to understand what we are capable of at MDF, you need to know each of us on a individual basis. I will say this, we work hard but laugh a LOT!

...So that is just an intro to some things, but scope out the rest for yourself! I have been waiting a long time to share this with you, so today is a HAPPY DAY!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drumrolls please.... Round 2!

As if the unveiling of our out-of-this-world, new business venture, A Modern Event, wasn't enough.... we have another exciting announcement!

We have been working around the clock (seriously, I'm talkin' HOURS upon HOURS of work) to roll out a brand spankin' new WEBSITE! Right now you can always visit our Modern Day Floral site, but in just 24 to 72 hours ... the new MDFEvent site will be up and running!!! We hope the transition of the new site going up is as smooth as possible, but we all know how technology goes! (Hey, I didn't write the rules... I just sit back and enjoy the fact that I am not the tech support person trying to figure it all out!)

Anyway, a lot of fabulous new features have been added into our new site, so sit tight and you'll be the first to know when it's up! Can't wait!!!!!!!!