Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fabulous Local Dahlia

I'm so excited to share these recent photos that were sent to me by Michelle Koslek one of our beautiful brides from September 6, 2008. Although we only created personal and ceremony flowers for her I was thrilled to hear in her last email that she used product from my favorite local dahlia grower, Hamilton Dahlia farm. Just like most locally grown product weather and availability is always a factor but if you plan your wedding just right the end result is fabulous. Typically our season here in Western Michigan is early August until late September if you're lucky. The color and size availability is unbelievable and although you can get dahlia from California there is no comparison to Jan's product.

The bouquets were a combination of bi-color dahlia, hot pink roses, green hypericum berry, magenta freesia, and asiac lilies. In the larger ceremony designs we added my favorite Peruvian hydrangea in an effort to give the designs a lush appearance. The color, texture and combination of product made the personal and ceremony flowers simply stunning. This color combination is definitely one of my favorites probably because it reminds me of rainbow sherbet ice's my favorite. :) Enjoy!


Angie said...

Wow, you are a brave soul. Lilies in bouquets always make me soooo nervous! Do you have any tips and tricks?!

Jennifer Ederer said...

I know they make me nervous too but the end result is worth it! What I do is bring the lilies in good and early allowing them to open, remove the pollen and continue to check the lilies up until delivery. If we find that we have a few blooms that are partially open we either force the bloom or we remove it all together. We also educate our brides as well just in case. Hope this helps. :)

Jennifer Ederer said...
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