Sunday, October 5, 2008

New blog to check out

It's late Sunday evening and here I sit doing my nightly routine of checking my favorite blogs, updating mine and tonight I discovered another wonderful talent.  Last weekend Dusty Brown  was the photographer on one of our weddings.  Unfortunately we didn't have much time to talk however I think his work speaks for itself.  

I've put in my request to Dusty so I can share the photos on my blog however make sure you take a look at his post.  The couples name is Jennifer and Scott.  They were married last weekend during the Michigan vs Wisconsin game...go BLUE!


Dusty Brown said...

Hey Jen did you ever get that disc?
Just found your blog and I'm adding you to my blog list! Thanks for the love. You are amazing!

Jennifer Ederer said...

Thanks Dusty for the disc! I love all the gorgeous photos and we appreciate the kind words. Looking forward to a great 2009!