Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner?!  You know what that means snow and little sunshine for 6 months.  UGH!!!  However on a brighter note it means the studio is all a'BLING with shiny things,  tinselly trees and enough glitter to cover a small city!!! 

 Last January I flew to Atlanta on the hunt for the most fabulous holiday decor and what Karen has done with these items is truly magical.  This girl knows how to decorate a tree.  We tease her that if the kitchen sink were available she would put it in there!  :)  I affectionately refer to her as Miss Christmas and thanks to her on the job training both Emily, and I, are now master Christmas tree decorators.  I think the most valuable lesson I learned from Karen is to not be afraid of filling up a tree.  The use of mesh, beading, ribbon, and branches go a long way in adding dramatic effect while ornaments, and a lot of them, is also key to a magnificent tree!  

As an example of her crazy decorating genius, Karen took our square moss wreaths that been hanging on our wall and used them in our copper tree. One of regulars had been admiring the wreaths for weeks and when asked where they were the client was amazed at the unconventional application of the wreaths.  Another example of her "out of the box" thinking is the cool way that she displayed the glass ornaments in the white and platinum tree.  She took the collection of grapevine Christmas trees, flipped them upside down, and stuffed them with the ornaments.  Although I realize this application does not apply with home trees I want to encourage all you amazing people to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!  If it's pretty and it matches put it in the tree.   Here's my philosophy and it's pretty simple, "if you see more decorations than you see tree than you have a masterpiece.  The tree is merely a place to hang all your glamorous goodies so be sure to load it up!"

I encourage all of you to stop down to the studio to check out our amazing trees.  We have 4 ranging from traditional to contemporary all of which I love.  Karen works in the studio daily so bring your questions and if decorating is not your thing we would love to help.  We offer free home consultations and we still have availability to help with your holiday decorating. more quick side note, we're  offering 25% off all Christmas decorations.  Sorry this is a blog not a commercial however I had to mention the sale because I LOVE sales especially if it involves purses or shoes.  

Hope to see you soon.