Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Unbelievable Event

Here I sit struggling to put my feelings into words and for the first time I find myself rendered speechless.   Last week we were given the distinct honor of designing the floral decor for one of the most amazing events we will ever have the privilege to work on. Jodi Bos with In Any Event was the creative mastermind behind this simply fabulous event.  The limitless creativity and attention to detail is truly what sets Jodi apart.  I love to watch her work as she handles even the most stressful situations with grace and professionalism.  Make sure to check out Jodi's blog to learn  about all the tiny touches that made this an affair to remember.  Thank you so much Jodi for entrusting us with this spectacular event and for being my inspiration!

Capturing this spectacular event was a team of photographers and leading the way was the talented  Jen Kroll
I met Jen just a few months ago while working on Liz and Curt's wedding in late August and instantly feel in love with her work.    Pictures speak a thousand words and in Jen's case they speak volume!  Thank you Jen for sharing these gorgeous photos! 

Last but certainly not least I want to personally thank my amazing staff; Emily, Erin, Jill, Karen, Marilyn, Laurel, Charlie, Jonathan and our guest designer, Jackie Lacey AIFD for all their hard work.  The past 15 days at MDF have been absolutely nuts.  As you can imagine it's stressful enough to move into a new space but couple that with a platinum event and you have one overworked group.   In usual MDF fashion everyone stepped it up and came to work with a "CAN DO" spirit.  It's like we say, "go big or go home and boy did we ever!"   

Now onto the details...As with most spectacular events it first starts with a color palette and what a scrumptious palette it was.  Shades of deep rich raspberry,  eggplant with hints of saffron worked beautifully together especially given the venue chosen of the JW Marriott.  When I met with the bride her one big request was her wish for peony on her wedding day.  Not an issue in June however in late October it's a slightly different story.  Fortunately we were able to bring in this lush flower from Chile with the help of our floral wholesaler Vans.  It was stressful waiting and wondering whether or not we would be able to give our bride her dream but in the end we were successful and it was well worth it!  Some of the other amazing product we used in our designs were cherry brandy roses, peach hypericum, raspberry and plum hydrangea, lovely lydia spray roses, dendrobium orchids,  deep purple lisianthus, violet and purple stock, trachelium, hanging amaranthus, antique gold tipped magnolia leafs, curly willow and my personal favorite,  phalaenopsis orchids.   

I will continue to blog as I receive photos but for now ENJOY the spectacular photos!   Wait until you see the rehearsal dinner details, couture candy table and beautiful wedding cake by Sweet Cakes!  Simply AMAZING!!!


aletha :: pearls events said...

Your team rocked this event! I think my fav, though, was the rehearsal--love those orchids on Jen's blog. Great job to everyone at MDF.

Jillian said...

I can't believe how beautiful the flowers turned out... you couldn't have WISHED for a more successful event!

Even the Peonies that you had flown in from South America were even more gorgeous and fluffy than expected!!!