Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful Bouquet Details

When I sit down with my brides to discuss their wedding flowers I often spend  time talking about the significance of making their flowers personal.  Weddings are very sentimental and I can't help but feel passionate about this.  My goal is to help brides convey a message of love and sentiment,  which often is easily incorporated in their bridal bouquets.  The most common embellishment is an heirloom broach, however I thought I would share some of our latest bouquet additions.  

Just remember ladies, this is your day and your bouquet is photographed almost as much as you!  So with that being said,  make it personal and be creative!!! 

Beautiful rhinestones were hand-glue (using tweezers of course) on the calla lilies, and ostrich feathers added a soft, couture look to this amazing monochromatic bouquet.  Just in case you were wondering the entire process took over 2 hours!!

...and a vintage broach from the bride's grandmother was incorporated perfectly.  I can't think of a better item to represent both her "something borrowed, something blue."  I love this detail!

Beautiful, double swiss satin ribbon detail created an elegant collar which added  just the right amount of feminine flair

Everyone loves a vintage broach especially when it's purchased at antique store for $3 dollars!  Gotta love a great deal!

 Beyond the gorgeous pictures above, here are some of the most creative bouquets elements we've included or seen:

* Vintage handkerchief - One of our brides asked that we incorporate several handmade lace handkerchiefs' her grandmother made.   These delicate works of art acted as a collar around the bouquet and the lace beautifully peaked around the flowers.   The bouquet was stunning and meant so much to the bride!  

* Other sentimental keepsake items - A tiny, quarter-sized, hand-carved basket made out of a walnut shell had deep significance to our bride. As you can imagine this one threw me a little but we were able to beautifully secure it into her bouquet.   I especially enjoyed this detail because instead of adding it to the handle we found a creative way to sneak the sentimental basket inside the bouquet.  The flowers acted as a little nest...too sweet!  We love unique concepts like this and thinking outside the box!

* Rosaries - This is a beautiful sacred item for brides to have strategically wrapped around their bouquet. If you can borrow one from a family member or someone significant to you, even better.

* Crosses - This is also a sacred item that can be used, whether its a necklace, bracelet, or pin... it can be a very important, unique touch.

* Fabric - We have worked with several brides that have asked that we incorporate beautiful strips of fabric or lace from a family member's old wedding dresses.  I don't encourage you to go around cutting up your mother's old dress however it's very easy to pull fabric or lace off the train. 

Being able to hold something sacred and special with you on your wedding day is priceless. TIP TO ALL BRIDES: Make sure to not only let your florist make your bridal bouquet beautiful, but meaningful as well!

Special thanks to Lynell Shook, Jen Kroll and Kasey Sistrunk for these photos.


ele3 said...

Beautiful Bouquets Jen!

Great flower lady said...

I love adding "something" to a brides bouquet! theses look wonderful~ thanks for sharing~Tracy

ben & laura harrison said...

gotta love a beautiful bouquet!

Kim Gail said...

Stunning!! Love those beautiful bouquet!! Teleflora offers wide range of fresh flowers..

KaseyInCharge said...

Jen, as always, your designs are magnificent and your attention to detail is incredible.