Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cat's out of the bag!

Since opening Modern Day Floral I have had many pinch me moments and today I feel so incredibly blessed to share with you this long time dream.

It's with great excitement that I introduce you to the collaboration of Modern Day Floral, In Any Event, Ben Harrison Photography and Sweet Cakes Design as together we present A Modern Event! Check out our new blog site.... because I can't keep it a secret anymore!

This idea was born from the realization that Grand Rapids was in need of a speciality boutique solely dedicated to educating brides and those planning special events. Our boutique allows brides and individuals planning an event the opportunity to visit and view our portfolios, explore through rental items and fine linens, flip through books of the latest bridal trends, ask questions about planning your perfect day, pick up a gift or even a bouquet of fresh flowers.

The purpose of this collaboration is to provide brides and event clients the knowledge and resources to planning an amazing event while perfecting each detail. Our boutique allows us to offer an intimate setting where we can get to know our clients all in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Please join us for our Grand Opening Celebration Thursday, April 23 from 5pm-8pm. Bring a friend and join us for night of food, fun and conversation. We're excited and can't wait to meet you!

RSVP at events@amodernevent.com


goingbananas0713 said...

This is amazing! What a great idea! Can't wait to come by and check it out!!!!

Janet said...

How exciting! Best of luck to you in this new endeavor!

Jillian said...

Congratulations Jenn!!! I know this is an incredible professional expansion and I can't wait to see it take off! Brides have just hit the jackpot with this opening!!! Simply amazing idea :)

Erin Marie said...

I'm am ABSOLUTELY revved up for this :) :) :) I was literally jumping up and down when the site went live!!! I'm so excited to see your vision come to life...!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Lauren Richards said...

Erin really did jump around the office, I saw it! Congrats Jenn, you're hard work and passion anything and everything events is truly paying off!

Olivia Bush said...

Mommy!! You're so wonderfully talented and I am so honored to be your daughter. To look up at you and see the hard work and dedication makes my options in life seem so endless. I just hope one day I can live up to your amazing potential. I am so proud of you and love looking at your wonderful work daily. I love you so much and I know this may sound weird coming from your daughter but I am SO PROUD OF YOU! YOU DID IT, way to go for your dream. XOXOXOXOXOXO.
With all my love and admiration,
Olivia (Your daughter)

Laurel Jean said...

INCREDIBLE! The Studio looks Modern Day FABULOUS!!! Truly something you would only dream about and see in a magazine, but its right here in Grand Rapids... I feel like I'm at a platinum wedding! You have brought elements from New York, LA, London and areas all over the world to your business so brides can actually see it with their own eyes... and making the process of wedding planning a one stop shop of the BEST in Grand Rapids! I'm beyond thrilled for you!