Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Incredible First Day

So I safely arrived in sunny California late yesterday and if you haven't spent time in San Diego you must definitely add it to your bucket list. It is simply amazing! I'm sure the fact that I'm enjoying sunshine and moderately warm temperatures helps.

The Special Event kicked off this morning and it was amazing. Our first session was with celebrity wedding expert and Modern Bride wedding consultant, Sasha Souza. The informative and entertaining presentation covered colour coutour; fashioning today's colours into the perfect party palette. We covered the latest color trends, where we are seeing trends today and what color choices say about our clients just to name a few. Let's just say I have a brand new color vocabulary beyond crayola red, yellow and green say hello to poppy, daffodil and citron! :)

Afternoon sessions were more business development based however we managed to catch the tail end of Hitomi Gilliam programs Neoflora. Hitomi is an amazingly humble floral designer who so graciously shares her knowledge and passion with all who will listen. I hope to study with her in the next couple of months in Quebec.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY, the Wedding Luncheon. Jod and I have VIP tickets so I will be sure to share all my knowledge nuggets and photos tomorrow. This event was sold out over six weeks ago which makes me simply giddy to know we have tickets! I just found out today that another one of my all time favorites is a presenter/designer on the event. Rene' Van Reems is another amazing floral designer not to mention incredibly funny and charming. Back in March I was fortunate to attend a hands-on class under his instruction while at Southern Conference. He in my opinion is the guru of the European hand-tied bouquet.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and we'll talk tomorrow.