Friday, February 13, 2009

Flowers and Beyond!

Indoor Reception Chandelier Decor

Outdoor Pomander Balls

Pretty Flower Garland for Getaway Car

Garland Decor for Reception Tent

Gorgeous Hair Flower Accessory

What do you think of when you think of event flowers? Bouquets, centerpieces... hmmm, is that all? There are a lot of "outside the box" flower ideas that are just itching to come out into the spotlight, and I think it would be great to show the world a few of our favorites!

DECORATIVE POMANDER BALLS - We have hung pomander balls outside in trees and also inside from chandeliers in our previous weddings. They have a great, contemporary look and add a punch of color to an event!

GETAWAY CAR FLORAL - We have provided a stunning array of garlands to the transportation vehicles for our brides and grooms. From greens to bright floral, you can find the perfect look to match your overall wedding style.

TENT DECOR -As an alternative to fabric drape last summer we decorated the inside of a reception tent with fresh garland made of variegated pittosporum and plimosa. Each poll was covered in red curly willow and locally grown blue viburnum along with two 15ft curly willow trees, which added that "wow factor." The overall feel was beautifully botanical and organic.

HAIR FLOWERS - Some brides want to tie in their wedding flowers and bouquet flowers to their accessories. And we are all for this! Who doesn't love the fabulous look of a flower tucked behind the ear?

PURSE CORSAGES - This is a magnetic corsage that clips right onto your clutch, how clever! It is a great alternative to the traditional wrist or pin-on corsage. No more worrying about working your corsage around your outside but rather it acts as a perfect accessory like a great pair of earrings!

...these are just a few, but the ideas and possibilities are endless. If you have any great, unique ideas on different ways to use flowers, I would love to hear them! The more creative the better, I say!


Aletha | Pearls Events said...

Ooh, that hair flower is amazing!