Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Talk About PRETTY Sustainability!

Step 1...

...Step 2

... and the result is a BEAUTIFUL notecard!

I stumbled upon this idea on the Knot and discovered the genius company that is Floral Notes. Get this, this company actually uses the flowers from your bridal bouquet to make gorgeous thank you cards for after your event! Brilliant, right? And as if that wasn't enough, the card makers place a dozen varieties of wildflower seeds into the paper so your guests can actually plant the card and grow a small wildflower garden! My head is spinning right now! This is the most unique idea that I've seen in a while.

Is it just me or does this concept seem like a win-win? The bride gets a second time use of her wedding flowers by giving her guests a beautiful, yummy thank you card, and the environment gets to catch a break, too. Be sure to check out Floral Notes' website to locate a nearby dealer!