Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When in Rome (Or Northern Michigan...)

Last summer we attended an outdoor wedding up north during Cherry Festival in Traverse City. The weather was perfect, the scenery, amazing, and the wedding decor was fun and whimsy. The bride had decided to switch up the classic flower centerpiece and go for metal, candlelit lanterns at the center of each table, accompanied by small boxes of cherries for the guests to take home. The feel of their wedding really played off the gorgeousness that northern Michigan is known for in the summer. I love seeing people think outside the box. Of course I generally root for flowers because I think they are one of the most beautiful creations on the face of the planet, but sometimes your imagination (and possibly your budget) can take you elsewhere. I just appreciate people being creative and all things beautiful!

The picture above are of some lanterns similar to the ones we saw at the wedding, they are from Potterybarn and are such a great concept for event decor. Having a rustic, outdoor wedding? This idea is fun and different, not to mention a great home decor item after the wedding...what could be more perfect!


ele3 said...

I love the lanterns, simple but lovely I can just see the soft glue they would be giving off as the sun sets!