Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Huge apologies for the delayed blog but it was an exciting week and unless you carry your laptop around it's difficult to get it all in.  I wrote this on Friday afternoon and thought I would share what was going through my head at the time.  Enjoy!

It's 2:30pm California time, the conference is officially over and here I sit enjoying the gorgeous weather while sipping on a basil grape refresher, which by the way is scrumptious.  If you love mint mojitos you'll love this cocktail!  As I sit soaking up the sunshine I have to share a little observation I made about fabulous Californians.  This part of the post is dedicated to all you poor souls who endure long winters. 

 So I'm sure you can relate the overjoyed feeling of releasing your bundled up tootsies come spring.  It's a liberating feeling when you can finally wear a comfy pair of flip flops or your favorite open toe shoes while sporting a fabulous pedicure.  The mittens, scarfs and snow gear get packed away for another season.  REAL JOY!  However in California, fashion is fashion, no matter how warm it is outside.  So my conclusion...Uggs are more than just a means of keeping your feet dry and warm,  wool scarfs are merely for appearances and regardless of how warm it is your poor pooch must always look as fabulous as its owner.  Sorry no photos but trust me when I say, it was classic!   I did however capture this cute little photo of a women walking her Chinese Crested...notice the similar hair color and of course the sassy little sweater.  Ok, so I'll cut her a little slack considering the fact the dog is nearly hairless...too cute! :)

Southern California, San Diego specifically is an incredible place to visit.  It is clean, friendly, full of life and the yummy restaurant options are endless.  We dined at several fantastic eateries and enjoyed what I call "BEAUTIFUL MEALS."   My new favorite local, Lynne Silverman, owner of Haute Homes told us about Oceanaire which specializes in seafood and HUGE quantities.  The wedge salad and crab cakes were worth the trip.  

Wednesday we enjoyed a gorgeous meal at Nobu in the Hard Rock Hotel which specializes in Japanese cuisine.  Everything about this restaurant was beautiful from the diverse menu to the detailed plating of each course.  As a Food Network junkie I truly appreciated their attention to perfection.  

From sushi to burgers, probably my favorite place we dined at was called Neighborhood.  It was a mod little hamburger joint where you could enjoy couture burgers and fries, sip on a cocktail all in a swanky environment.  The tables were stainless steal, open air(which means no windows needed) and a super cool painting of one very large man eating a burger.  The plating was so cute that I had to take a picture of the tiny bag of chips.  One of our new found friends, the party goddess, blogged about the restaurant earlier on in the week.  We were told to bring our own ketchup. (which by the way is a joke just in case you're a left brainer like my husband)  I enjoyed a cajun rubbed burger with jalapeno mayo and sweet potato fries.  Jod loved her marsala burg and shoestring fries with garlic aioli.  

Now you're probably wondering what this has to do with floral and event design and to answer your question, it doesn't.  I'm just hoping that I get asked to be a guest critic on Iron Chef America.  If any of you are fans you know that not all judges are qualified so why not a Midwest floral designer/business owner.  :)  Can you think of a better job?

Bon Appetite!