Friday, August 21, 2009

Exotic Bouquet and Bout Pairing!

This morning, I checked my twitter (as I do every morning) and was SO excited to see that the fabulously talented Jen Kroll had posted a tiny url about one of our incredible July Weddings! Below you will see one of our favorite pairings of the summer... an "exotic meets classic" bouquet paired with a tropical and sophisticated boutonniere.

image courtesy of Jen Kroll Photography

Thank you Jen for ALL of your hard work and incredible talent! Without you, we wouldn't be able to melt in the memories of events that go by too quickly!

event planned by Jodi Bos of In Any Event


Sprout said...

I just love the orchids in the bridal bouquet! And how they gently suggest the floral pattern in her gorgeous dress - well done!

Jen Kroll said...

Jennifer! You are so sweet! Your team rocked this event. Such an honor and privilege to work with you once again. Much love.