Monday, August 31, 2009

Your Petal Palette: Black

Dark, creepy, mysterious? HECK NO! We say modern, deep and totally versatile. Hints of black to the color palette can give your event a totally different vibe. I know it sounds scary to add black to your wedding but try adding black feathers, a clear black charger or better yet, a schwarzwalder calla lily and you'll be singing a different toon.

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Love a certain color but want to give it something a little extra? Maybe a splash of black is just the ticket... it is definitely ok to be a little bit of a diva!!

all images courtesy of Dusty Brown Photography


Aletha | Pearls Events said...

I love the idea of adding in black for a great contrast. My newest love is robin egg's blue, platinum, crisp white and black - would LOVE to design an event around these scheme.

Great post, Jenn

24hrs florist, gift flower delivery said...

Very creative work.

Bella Signature Design said...

I adore black, and think it has a great spot in weddings when done well. These photos are what led me to your site in the first place, a while back!! Fabulousness!