Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lauren is engaged!!!

Lauren, our fabulous PR gal over here at Modern Day Floral, got engaged last week to her boyfriend, Brent, of two and a half years! Last week she was on a mini vacation to her hometown in Houghton, MI when he popped the question.


Here is the story... it was their turn to make dinner, but Brent and his brother bailed to "go four wheeling". As Lauren was wrapping up dinner, they roared in after their little trip :) After innocent glares during dinner, Brent convinced lovely Lauren to go for a walk. He spotted some tiki torches down the beach and insisted they go find out what was going on. After trying to convince him to "let it go", they made their way to "crash the party." Upon their arrival... Lauren was trying to figure out what was in the sand. After reading the message in rocks about a dozen times, she started to tear up from being so happy! Brents comment as he held out the ring was, "Will you, will you, will you?!" After she could finally catch her breath to say yes, he asked her if she could handle being a Hanson :) Let the adventures begin!!!

This custom ring was specially designed here in Grand Rapids at Siegels Jewelers.

Congratulations Lauren!!! We're so excited and happy for the two of you... and I'm sure the girls have already started brainstorm how we're going to make your wedding as fabulous as you are!!


Janelle said...

Thats so awesome Lauren! congratulations!!!!! :)

Jillian said...

Congrats Lauren!!! Welcome to being engaged, it is too much fun!!! Your ring is beautiful, Brent did a fantastic job! :)

Great flower lady said...

Whos gonna do your flowers!! LOL