Thursday, October 29, 2009

How To Pin On A Boutonnière

Our "How to Hold a Bouquet" post last week provided a lot of great feedback from our readers so we thought it was necessary to publish a post for the men. We don't want to leave the guys hanging!


The last thing we would want is to see the day of a wedding, would be our fabulous groom and groomsmen walking down the aisle with a bout that's about to fall off so below are a few easy steps to pinning on a secure boutonnière.

Pinning a boutonnière isn't that complicated but knowing how to hide the pin without stabbing your guy is the real trick.

Step 1. Hold the stem of the boutonnière, the front facing you, on the left lapel. The boutonnière should sit about 4 inches below the top of the guys shoulder. Tilt the bout on a slight angle and take a step back and look where you'll be placing it. We don't want you putting a million holes in the guys tux because the placement isn't correct.

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Step 2. Start the pinning by piercing the fabric from under the lapel on the left side (guys left) of the stem of the boutonnière.

Step 3. Move the pin over the top of the stem and pierce the opposite side of the lapel. Pull tightly to secure the boutonnière. Ideally, the only part of the pin that should be showing would be a thin line on top of the stem and even then, the pin should be placed in a location where a petal or leaf could hide this.

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Step 4. If the boutonnière is extra heavy two pins can be used to secure the weight. If you are worried about the boutonnière moving or a bit of metal showing, you can pierce the floral tape on back of the boutonnière instead of having the pin go over top of the bout.


Aletha | Pearls Events said...

Great post, Jenn! I wish more people knew how to do this small task - it'd make guys look better all over the world!

Petals by Design said...

Yes! This is the method I've always used - works perfectly every time.

Now if only there was such an easy way to pin directly on the man's shirt without the pin showing, as is needed every now and then. : )

Petals by Design said...

Yes! Used that method for years. My pet peeve is seeing a floppy bout in photos later - ARGH!

Now if only there was an easy method for doing it directly on the man's shirt! Thankfully it's a rare occurance.