Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bouquet Recap: Cairn and and Nick

The lovely Cairn came to us with a very specific vision for her wedding. She wanted the look of a swanky and glamour wedding. Being the a crafty person herself, Cairn designed a lot of her own elements of the wedding, including her own centerpieces and decor.

She came to us looking for the perfect bridal bouquet to fit with her wedding style. I would say we worked very well together!!!


The stunning broach Cairn providing for a touch of vintage chic to her oh-so-glam bouquet.




I LOVE how the bouquet and the dress totally play off each other! Absolutely gorgeous... absolutely fantastic! Thank you Cairn for being so incredible to work with! Congratulations on your new marriage AND the new house!

all images courtesy of JK Photography


Janet said...

That is one gorgeous bouquet!!! I love how the ostrich feathers soften up the bottom edge.