Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exciting Give Away

Last week while on vacation I couldn't resist stopping by my favorite bookstore, Barnes and Noble. In typical fashion I quickly made my way back to the magazine rack where the wedding publications practically scream my name.   I'm so excited because this time I hit the jackpot!  I picked up several magazines that are not carried in our local store,  my personal favorite of the bunch is Weddings Unveiled.  The magazine is absolutely gorgeous and contains the perfect balance between wedding decor, floral, fashion and latest trends.   As an added bonus the magazine also has a  blog that I have added to my daily reads.  I absolutely love the real wedding features and the amazing fashion tidbits!  

In the spirit of giving I thought it would great to give away a one year subscription to this beautiful magazine which comes out four times a year.  Just post a comment about what you would like to read more about here at Petal Talk.  I will select a winner on Friday.  Have a great Monday and I look forward to hearing from you! the way, what do you think about "Petal Talk" for our blog name?  I would love any suggestions so feel free to share your thoughts.


Adizat said...

I would love to see post real events and well as some posts on various variety of flowers used in your events.

Karen said...

I love the name Petal Talk! Lets hear more about some of the awsome flowers that get used. Magazines like this can be very inspiring, great idea starters.

Genevieve McKeiver Photography said...

I also would like to see some more real wedding photos. Plus I would like to see some color schemes (ie: purples dresses go well with yellow flowers) and how to think outside the box when it comes to color/flower choices and floral design. I would also like to see a start to finish bouquet design. I have always been fascinated with floral design; I just don't know how you do it? Plus a little more education about the flowers used. I think you do amazing unique work and this is a place where you can really showcase it and show what sets you apart from every other floral designer in the area. Okay, I think that is all.