Monday, April 13, 2009

Tropical Inspiration

As day one of our vacation comes to a close I couldn't help but feel guilty that it's taken so long to take time away with my husband.  It was so wonderful just sitting on the beach listening to the waves while enjoying the occasional cat nap and then off to dinner to my favorite restaurant Roy's.  If you've never eaten at Roy's, it's definitely a MUST and make sure you order the butter fish!  Unfortunately the closest one to us is Chicago but who doesn't love a quick trip to chi-town!   

Driving home from the beach today I couldn't help but notice all the incredible flowers and rich foliage that grow so abundantly here.  I'm always amazed when I see Bird of Paradise growing in the front yard of someones home or business.  I absolutely love tropical flowers.   Their colors are so incredibly vibrant, its appearance often unusual and intriguing and most importantly I admire their amazing strength.  Typically tropical flowers travel all the way from Hawaii and Thailand, shipped in a box, where they make a quick stop at customs and arrive on our doorstep just two days later...AMAZING I KNOW!  

As wedding season quickly approaches I thought it only fitting to showcase one of our bouquets which featured my all time favorite tropical flower,  the Pincushion Protea.  I absolutely love the texture and unexpected element it brings to the bouquet. Although tropicals are not for everyone I would encourage you to dare to be different.  

Well, it's time for me to kick Dave's butt in cards and then off to bed...big day tomorrow!  :)   Have a wonderful Tuesday and I look forward to continuing tropical inspiration on Wednesday.  

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Oooh...I LOVE the tropical flowers! One of my best friends is using bird's paradise as inspiration for her wedding color palette. Tropical flowers are a great way to add a real punch of color!