Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grand Opening Details (PART 2): Eclectic bouquet

Ok, starting off with the second part of the series on our grand opening event (because there were so many fantastic details, we couldn't possibly squeeze everything into one post) we are going to show off the BOUQUET DETAILS!!!

Bridal bouquets are so important in creating the finished look for a bride, so naturally we included them as a special feature in the evening. Through "informal" modeling, we were able to highlight the bouquets in action! My lovely daughter Laurel put on her wedding dress (who says you only get to wear your wedding dress once!) and lovingly carried this OUTSTANDING eclectic European hand-tied bouquet!

MATERIALS: Green "Obake" Anthurium, white Anemone, kiwi vine, hollia, fresh green lotus pods, parrott tulips, lisianthus and white ranunculus

MMMmmmm... the mixture of textures in this bouquet is incredible and reminds me why I absolutely love being a floral designer!!!


melissa said...

I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE (did I say love) this bouquet! The greens, whites, and black accents are right up my alley! Absolutely gorgeous Jenn!