Monday, April 27, 2009

Grand Opening Details (PART I): "Asian Mod Meets Botanical Chic"

Let me first start by saying we have so much to be thankful for! Last week Thursday we officially celebrated A Modern Event with our grand opening, which was a smashing success! There were over 300 people in attendance from venues, industry professionals, current clients, and potential new ones!

While revamping the boutique I have had several people ask what is A Modern Event and is Modern Day Floral still Modern Day Floral? The answer is YES! My goal was to keep the services we already provide while expanding in the area of special events. We design a large number of events each year and take great joy in the event design aspect of our business. I also believe that education is key in making life easier for our clients...hence the birth of A Modern Event. To read more about this exciting new venture check out our blogsite.

Now on to the good stuff, the details!
The first table scape was created based on the design concept of "Asian Mod meets Botanical Chic". The color palette of green, white and pewter with pops of yellow and black were chosen with texture being an important element in pulling this look together. Breakaway designs were created using some of my absolute favorite fresh material; Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium Orchids, hanging Amaranthus, Anthirium, Tulips and Hollia make this centerpiece design simple yet full of impact.

Suspended above the table is a 14 ft. cherry blossom branch adorned in reindeer moss and wrought iron candle holders. The obscure nature of the branch brings the Asian element and nothing creates the "WOW" factor like a ginormous tree.
(although my delivery guy hates me!)

Thanks to Jodi of In Any Event (and collaborative partner of A Modern Event) ...the scrumptious details worked beautifully with the table! The white porcelain tray with small river rock and reindeer moss worked perfectly for the place cards. Artificial succulence made fantastic name card holders...loved it! It's amazing what an afternoon trip to Pier One will get you! I'm always surprised at how a mere linen or container can set the creative juices on fire. This was such a fun and great look to concept out!

Tomorrow I will be sharing the bouquet details with you! My hope is that you will be inspired by texture and embrace the idea of using unique materials. Until then have a fantastic day and I look forward to sharing all week.


Great flower lady said...

I wish I could have been there how fun! and 300 people!! OMG!

Kelly Braman Photography said...

Stunning!~Your Grand Opening was truly spectacular and I wish you nothing but continued success!

J said...

You are the BEST! I'm so proud of you and so sorry we were out of town! It just keeps getting Better!