Friday, April 10, 2009

Corona and Sunshine baby!

So I absolutely hate when people rub it in when they go on vacation so let me apologize right now for pouring salt in an open wound.   This momma is off to the beach, with my new iPhone in hand, plenty of wedding magazines and Mr. Wonderful,  we're heading to Naples, Florida.  This vacation is definitely long overdue!  While I'm gone I promise to do my best to blog, facebook and tweet.  I will also refrain from the typical "how's the weather" question that just infuriates the pour peeps stuck in yucky, cold least the sun shines occasionally! :)

I look forward to clearing my head and having time to create new aspiring floral designs.  I'm hoping to find blog inspiration and if you have any ideas on great reads I would love the suggestions.   It's like they say,  if you don't take good care of yourself how can you take care of others.

Have an incredible Easter everyone, enjoy time with family and I'll be in touch!

photo credit goes to Mr. Wonderful!


Janet said...

I'm totally jealous! Enjoy the sunshine and relaxation!

Great flower lady said...

Must be nice!!! said...

Enjoy your vacation with Mr. Wonderful- you deserve it! Can't believe you still plan to blog while you are away. You are nuts!