Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taking Center Stage: Bella Signature Design

I have made some fabulous twitter friends from all over the country.  It's amazing how the internet has made the world such a small place!  Just a few months ago I started tweeting with an amazing floral designer out of Seattle and although this may sound funny I knew just after a few "tweets" and reading her blog,  this girl was my kindred spirit.  Daniela has honestly and openly offered her expertise and for that I'm so grateful.  She is an industry leader, has been featured in Bride and Bloom, Seattle Bride, Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom, Elegant Bride and Grace Ormonde and has one of the most fascinating stories I have ever heard... without further ado, I introduce....


location: Seattle, WA
years in business: 10

photography by Jane Lee Photography

What first sparked your interest in Floral Design?
"My obsession with color and flowers."

What is your must-have item on the job?
"Floral tape and wire - I can do anything with a bit of stem tape and wire!"

Any great business advice that you swear by?
"Only design what makes you happy. If you agree to do someone's event and the style clashes with your own, it will show in your work. I'm not saying that everything has to look the same, or that you should not create what the client desires and is inspiring to you create - that is what it is all about; but if something is making you cringe, it's not for you, and you should pass it on to someone else. If you get excited about the project while talking to your client, then it's a good fit."

Any current blog obsessions you want to share?
"Besides Modern Day Floral? The smart planner, Sean Low's great blog, as well as Seth Godin."

Are there any weddings or traditions that make you cringe?
"I think every bride should follow her heart and create what she wants, but I tend to only accept weddings that fit well with my style, as that way, I can really get into it and be passionate about what I am creating for them. Anything too "wedding-y" is not very me - I'm definitely not traditional when it comes to design, much more of a lover of "modern lush." You won't find me creating centerpieces with greens and filler flowers. EVER."

photography by Azzura Photography

What is the most important personal satisfaction you get with your job?
"I LOVE what I do. I enjoy the fact that I am now at the point where I can pick and choose which events I take on, and that those events inspire, as do the brides themselves. I am surrounded by beautiful things and put them together to create a beautiful day for someone else on one of the most important days of their life. How cool is that?! AND I get to be home when my kids get home from school every day. Perfect!"

If you could work with anyone, who would it be?
"Preston Bailey - it would be fabulous to watch his creative process!"

If you could have anyone as your client, who would it be?
"As cool as it would be to do a big celebrity name wedding, I really just love it when I have a great synergy with a bride and I get to be creative. Some of my most amazing weddings have been for clients who "let me do my thing" after we have collaborated on color and basic design ideas. I love exceeding people's expectations."

What does your normal day consist of?
"Catching up on email/blogs/twitter, checking out what's new at the wholesale flower markets, processing flowers, designing, finding inspiration from a variety of places."

Days off and down time are cherished in the industry. How do you spend yours?
"With my fabulous husband and two amazing kids, who always manage to put me in my place!"

photography by Kurt Smith Photography

A special thanks to all this Seattle photographers for allowing us to use their images and for Daniela for sharing her talent! It is always refreshing to see what is going on outside our region!!! I hope to meet her in person someday...I'm sure she would feel like a childhood friend.   


Bella Signature Design said...

Jenn, we're blushing here already! Thank you for the fabulous write-up of Bella - I am so lucky to love what I do everyday, and love it that you are just as passionate about it as I am!