Monday, July 6, 2009

BIRTH FLOWER OF THE MONTH: July..."The Waterlily"

Happy Birthday July Babies!

With the warm summer weather finally here, we're able to swim, boat and see the beautiful lake flower known as the water lily! 

The water lily is found throughout the world and is also known as a lotus. If anyone shops at Pier 1, it is something you see all over their Asian decor! In many countries within Asia, the meaning of a Lotus or water lily bloom is rebirth or awakening to the spiritual/religious reality of life. 

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This flower also can resemble someone who has been able to overcome a difficult obstacle in their life. The story behind this "personal/floral" growth goes like this: Water lilies roots are deep within the soil below the water line and begin at the bottom of a muddy, murky lake. They rise through the water and once they have reached the surface, bloom into an absolutely beautiful flower... talk about feeling motivated and uplifted!

On that note, have a FABULOUS Monday and an incredible month of July to everyone... and again - HAPPY BIRTHDAY July babies :)


Lotus Photographic said...

Yay for the Lotus flower!!! : ) I love it that you shared some of the meaning behind the symbol of my favorite flower.