Friday, July 31, 2009

Exotic Waterfall Event

Imagine standing in front of Tiffany's, someone hands you a large sum of cash and tells you to geeked would you be?!  I know pretty ding-dang excited!!  :)  Well as floral designers working with a client who gives you creative freedom and a budget definitely creates that same sense of excitement.  (Shhh...don't tell my husband I still love a little bling)

 The Crush is the hottest nightclub in Grand Rapids and thanks to Tony, the GM, he is always coming up with outrageous events for the club. This particular party was their annual rainforest event complete with parrots, snakes, waterfalls and hot tubs!  Now seriously do these people know how to throw a party.  

Waterfall event
This ginormous design actually had a waterfall that ran behind it and perched perfectly next to the arrangement were two gorgeous Macaw's.  
Talk about swanky soft seating...loin cloth anyone?  

I especially loved this container!

The entire club was dripping in spanish moss, ferns and fresh tropicals.
Happy Friday all!  It's a gorgeous day in GR and I think I'm going to enjoy a mango the Crush of course!  

Enjoy xoxo