Monday, May 4, 2009

Great Vases

Good Monday Morning everyone, looks like another gorgeous day in Michigan!  I don't know about you but I enjoyed a fantastic weekend working in my garden.  Every year I get so excited to watch the peony and poppies come up.  I can hardly wait for these gorgeous beauties to show their faces.  I'll be sure to post pictures!  

So here is the last of the grand opening event details.   I have a million other exciting things to share in the upcoming weeks so I'll keep it brief.  

As many of you already know I love Ben and Laura Harrison, the amazing husband and wife photography team and collaborative partners in A Modern Event.  It was Ben's idea to take some of the centerpieces out on the sidewalk to take a few shots.  Let me tell I'm in love!  The images have such a cool vibe and the color really pops against the sidewalk.

In my opinion containers can add that perfect punch to an arrangement.  I'm wildly in love with pattern, white vases and large contemporary ceramic pieces.  

This design contains fresh lotus pods, peruvian hydrangea, hollia, freeshia and green hypericum.  How much love do you have for the damask pattern vase?  The best part is when the flowers die you have a fantastic home decor element!

Here's the yummy white vase I was telling you about.  This container comes in a zillion different sizes and options.  The opening is quite large so reindeer moss was used as a grid to keep the flowers in place.  The use of simple white tulips, hollia and lotus pods make this design one of my favorites.  

I had to show this design again but from a different view.  The hollia a/k/a monkey tail is so cute...well done Em!

Off to work but have a fantastic Monday everyone!  I'm looking forward to sharing our new guest blogger, Friday flower feature and lots of "Petal Talk!" 


Janet said...

Angie and I were talking about those damask-patterned vases for like 10 minutes! I love them!