Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Top Wedding Flicks

Here it is again... May in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the weather has turned from gorgeous sunny skies to a rainy mess (uh, why do I live in Michigan, again???) This is enough to make me want to crawl into a hole and not come out until the nice weather finally sticks.

However, I did start thinking about some positive things that comes with having a crappy view out my office window... and that is curling up to watch a movie inside at home! A blanket, a good cup of coffee or glass of wine, my Cavalier King Charles (Jack) and Whippets (Frank and Sam) who love to snuggle up right next to me, mind you, if not directly on me ...and of course, my comfy clothes. Who doesn't love an evening spent curled up on the couch with your favorite "pals", anyway?

So, if you are lookin' to just kick back and relax, here are some TOP WEDDING FLICKS to enjoy this week:


{Photo: Courtesy of The IMDb}

My Best Friends Wedding
"Julianne fell in love with her best friend, the day he decided to marry someone else"

Father of the Bride

"Love is wonderful. Until it happens to your only daughter"

The Wedding Planner
"A romantic comedy about love, destiny, and other events you just can't plan for"

Wedding Crashers
"On July 15th, they're coming to your wedding...with or without invitations"

The Wedding Singer

"He's gonna party like it's 1985"

Made of Honor

"It takes a real man to become a maid of honor"

My Big Fat Green Wedding
"Love is here to stay...and so is her family"

Sweet Home Alabama
"Sometimes what you're looking for is right where you left it"

Princess Bride
"She gets kidnapped. He gets killed. But it all ends up okay"

Meet the Parents
"First comes love. Then comes the interrogation"

I will enjoy some of these this evening and appreciate the rain. After all, the rain right now is working hard on bringing us some BEAUTIFUL fresh blooms later to love! :)