Monday, May 11, 2009

Unveiled Magazine Giveaway

Good morning everyone and I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend. I enjoyed visiting with family followed by a five hour nap...I know it was as fabulous as it sounds!

A few weeks ago I posted a giveaway for Unveiled Magazine and I appreciate all the great comments.

I also would like to see some more real wedding photos. Plus I would like to see some color schemes (ie: purples dresses go well with yellow flowers) and how to think outside the box when it comes to color/flower choices and floral design. I would also like to see a start to finish bouquet design. I have always been fascinated with floral design; I just don't know how you do it? Plus a little more education about the flowers used. I think you do amazing unique work and this is a place where you can really showcase it and show what sets you apart from every other floral designer in the area. Okay, I think that is all.
Genevieve McKeiver

I would love to see post real events and well as some posts on various variety of flowers used in your events.

I love the name Petal Talk! Lets hear more about some of the awesome flowers that get used. Magazines like this can be very inspiring, great idea starters. Aristan

Rather than selecting a winner I thought it would be FUN to give away subscriptions to all the fabulous folks who took time to post a comment. I appreciate the feedback and look forward to putting your suggestions to work!

Congratulations to the winners!


Adizat said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the give away. I believe my name and comments may have been transposed with Karen[the other blog reader].


Adizat said...

Hi Jen,

I forgot to ask, do I need to forward any mailing information for the subscription?

Jennifer Ederer said...

If everyone who responded to the giveaway post could email me their contact information at, I'll go ahead and get your subscriptions started!!! I hope you enjoy it... congratulations!