Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taking Center Stage: Vita Dolce

A delicious new addition has made its way onto the shelves at Modern Day Floral! All you chocolate lovers better great ready! 
The girls of Vita Dolce are ready to introduce your taste buds to some chocolate heaven! 


Knowing a phenomenon when I taste one, I knew we NEEDED Vita Dolce chocolates available in our store. Where there are beautiful flowers, there must be scrumptious chocolate. I'm proud to introduce all you readers to this incredible duo, Jessie and Dana, the proud owners of


Is your mouth watering yet?!?!


This tasty little guys are my absolute favorite... you'll have to taste and see why!!


Here are the adorable and delicious favors for weddings and events... scrumptiously beautiful!

(all images courtesy of Daniel Pesta)


Adizat said...


they look delicious. You know you are not helping my diet. Now I am craving for chocolate. Have a great weekend!

Rainflower Company said...

How gorgeous! The pics are beautiful and I wish I could try one right now! Yummy!

Rainflower Company